World War 3?

With China showing a huge threat towards Taiwan and with the US pressing further sanctions against Iran and with Israel’s bitter relationship with its Arab neighbors will the world be at war once again?

Taiwan has yet again placed a bid to re-enter the United Nations, the country had lost its spot to China in 1971. China doesn’t want Taiwan to have international recognition, claiming that the island is still theirs and threats to attack the island if it formally declares independence. Taiwan on the other hand does not show any fear, building its military and spending more for advanced combat hardware. It recently revealed a lethal Hseung-Feng cruise missile capable of hitting major Chinese cities such as Shanghai and Beijing during its recent military day parade. China on the other hand, shows no impression and boasts that it has more than a thousand combat planes that could destroy the island in hours.

The US have condemned Iran’s recent nuclear program, saying that the Islamic state is trying to develop nuclear weapons. Iran on the other hand denied the allegations and insisted that its only purpose is for nuclear power. The US have imposed sanctions on Iran, and has encouraged other countries to do so as well. It has stated that if current sanctions would be ignored by Iran it could attack the country. Iran expressed no concern and has boasted that it possesses a total of 11,000 missiles that could be fired to enemy positions in the middle east. Iran has the biggest number of total troops in the world with a total of 12,000,000 active soldiers, paramilitary and reservists. The US has about 200,000 soldiers deployed in the Middle East. A collision among the two countries could result to great disaster.

For several years Israel has shared a very bitter relationship with its Arab nations, and whats worse is that it is surrounded by Arab countries. Ever since Israel declared independence in 1948 it had a total of six wars with its Arab neighbors, with Israel being the victor of all six. Despite a peace treaty, the tensions between Israel and the Arabs remained and grew larger after the 2006 Lebanese War. During the past few months the Israeli Defense Force and the Palestinians have shared several skirmishes. The Israeli Air Force blazed Palestine with multiple air strikes killing scores of people. Palestinian soldiers have also fired multiple explosives into Israel, killing also scores.

With these three feuds in place will a third war of the worlds take place and claim millions of lives once again?

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