The 1947 Dream

No single Indian family have not felt the economic boom India has experienced for the past 60 years, ever since British Independence in 1947 the world’s largest democracy has taken the path to economic success.

The country faces problems, the size of an elephant but they continue their path to growth. India and Pakistan were both separated from the British in 1947, they go to war over Kashmir just months later with India as the victor. In 1952 they successfully held elections and Jawaharlal Nehru remains as Prime Minister. The country would be devastated by war just a decade later, as China takes advantage of its unprepared military and hauls away a chunk of Kashmir. A mark of shame for the young country.

In 1971, India defeats Pakistan for the third time leading to the creation of Bangladesh. Pakistan would then develop nuclear weapons, “to defend the national domain”.

Now at 60, the picture of India changes from a third world nation into a potential superpower. Like a superpower, India has one of the most expensive military hardwares in the world. Total Indian arms import totaled up to $ 2.5 billion in 2006. The country has also been helping neighboring nations strengthen their military, like the Maldives and Sri Lanka.

India’s many industries has flourished for the past few years, their train service transports as much as 28 million people every two days compared to that of the US which transports only 24 million a year. Indians are also the second largest buyers of local newspapers, only next to China. And of course, India’s film making industry, Bollywood, is the world’s largest producer of films.

India may now be a potential superpower, and experiences booms in its economy but as the saying goes “Life is a like  a wheel, sometimes you’re up and sometimes you’re down”. Will India’s success continue or will it come to an end?

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