Bhutto Killing: Democracy is not enough to free Pakistan from oppression

Benazir Bhutto is a two-time Prime Minister of Pakistan, leader of the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) after the execution of her father in 1978. An advocate of democracy, similar to Aung San Suu Kyi of Burma and Cory Aquino of the Philippines, and a strong ally of the west.

She would’ve been the key instrument in restoring democracy in Pakistan, until an assasin ended her life on December 27,2007. This event placed the entire country under a crisis, as thousands violently protested. Bhutto’s son, Bilalwal Bhutto, has assumed the post of co-chairman with his father Asif Zardari (who would take the day-to-day post as chairman since Bilalwal is at school in the US) and according to him, “Democracy is the best revenge.”

If democracy really was strong then it couldve have freed nations that needed it such as Burma and Pakistan. The last time the power of democracy suceeded in freeing was in 1986 when it ended Ferdinand Marcos’ 20-year reign in the Philippines. But still, the millions of prayers and protests that come from Pakistan each day remained unanswered and their leader assassinated. Could this be a message saying, “Democracy is not enough?”

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