Violence enters Kenya

Kenya was a role model for peace in Africa, unlike most of its neighbors it did not engage into civil war after independence. It maintained a stable and strong economy during its early years, posting an annual growth of 6.6% from 1963-73. It was only in the 90’s that the economic growth declined but not as bad as its fellow African nations.

Most recently officials had foreseen a peaceful and orderly elections, but what had transpired proved otherwise. Millions of Kenyans expected the victory of opposition candidate Raila Odinga, taking the seat from incumbent President Mwai Kibaki. Odinga from the Orange Democratic Movement was seen taking the lead in the early counting but Kibaki would then close the gap and then took the lead. Odinga supporters cry vote rigging, but Kibaki was sworn in as President for the second time in December 30.

This sparked riots between tribal groups, especially since Kibaki is from the dominant Kikiyu tribe while Odinga is from the Luo ethnic group. Tribal discrimination has been suspected as the cause of the alleged poll rigging especially since the Kikiyu tribe dominates Kenya.

Kenya is famous for the many tourists that come to this country to do jungle safaris since most of Kenyan wildlife is untouched. But now the country is more popular by the violence and war that is spreading in the entire place, slowly and making international headlines.

Well, we still have some dominantly peaceful places like Switzerland and New Zealand but violence is like a contagious disease and soon maybe even they too would get contaminated.

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