One of a Kind: Long Awaited Upgrade Part II

The Armed Forces Modernization Bill has been in Congress for over a decade now, lack of funding and more important priorities are the excuses the Congress makes. I say, unnecessary spendings.

The Department of National Defense (DnD) receives an annual budget of Php 50 billion or almost $ 1 billion for all programs that would contribute to the defense of the state. This amount would be enough to buy at least a hundred fighter planes but still the Air Force is composed of trainer jets, all of which cost below $ 1 million dollar. The DnD spends its budget instead on road-building and the construction of useless buildings, which can be destroyed by the enemy.

The military builds classrooms, hospitals, etc. “to win the hearts of the people” but all of these can be destroyed if they’re unable to defend them. The military uses a “silent thunder” tactic which is definitely useless. Look at top defense forces such as the US army and the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces) who beat their enemy by using “shock and awe” methods, their enemies now fear them.

Another mistake in military spendings is the President’s “Balik Baril” (Return of Guns) Program which would pay Php 100,000 to any rebel who comes back to the society. A very stupid idea considering the fact that they could return to society as spies and use the money to fund more rebel programs. And a waste of the military money.

What I have also noticed is that the government prioritizes on V.I.P transport aircrafts and vessels when these should be spent from the President’s pork barrel. Which is also useless since its total value is over Php 8 billion and it is focused on anti-hunger programs, considering the fact that the budget for the Anti-Hunger Program of the different departments totals to about Php 100 billion. And also considering that the number of hungry people decreases each year, I don’t think the anti-hunger drive needs another Php 8 billion.

From what was once known as the “most powerful military in Asia”, the country is now one of the weakest in the world. And poor funding cannot be blamed, what is more exact is improper spending… which makes the government, one of a kind.

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