Abused Power

On February 25, 1986 , the Philippines impressed the world when the people united and stood strong to restore democracy. Going against tanks and soldiers, armed only with rosaries. On the ninth of January 2001, they impressed the world again by uniting to oust a dictator who at that time was taking public funds for his own use. Living a life of gambling, corruption and prostitution. That revolution seated a person who is now on the risk of being overthrown by another revolution. The Arroyo Government faces another big problem today, the NBN Project Overpricing. But just like the mutinies, ‘Hello Garci Scandal’ and impeachment trials the Government faces, President Arroyo doesnt seem to get distracted by on strengthening the economy. The job of the President is to strengthen the economy and not focus on political bickerings. The people should be contended with a government that focuses like a laser beam on the economy. It is very clear that the aim of the opposition is to grab power and not for “the welfare of the people”. I, myself, think that the government is doing a good job. It was able to produce the highest economic growth rate in 31 years and put us back on track on the ASEAN race which about 20-30 years ago the Philippines was dominating.

Despite the conditions now, I still think we should not resort to People Power. And that the politicians should help, and not put down, the government. If we help each other, we would soar together to growth.

It is said that great power comes great responsibility. The great power in people’s revolution is being abused. The power of the people is indeed true, it is even said that the welfare of the people is the ultimate constitution. But the people must follow proper process of elections and presidential tenure. Meaning, the decision of the elections is final and it is the fault of the people if they voted for the wrong person. And that the change we should achieve is not change in government but change in the way we react to things.

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