The Lozada Factor

A former Philippine Forest Corporation President, and a key witness to the NBN Project scandal, is now the center of attention of the political world, where ever he goes he is treated like a rock star by the people, all applauding and cheering his name. This popularity took something in exchange though, he now lives in a safehouse instead of his own luxurious house and eats tikoy (Chinese rice cake). But Lozada is now considered the icon for the new People Power, reviving old Martial Law era slogans such as, “You are not alone” and “Moderate their Greed”. He also revived the singing of the Revolutionary national anthem of the Philippines, “Bayan Ko”.

The guy first came into the scene when he was identified as the first key witness of the NBN controversy. He flew to Hong Kong after his identity was revealed and came back home a few days later and was nowhere to be found. He appeared again a few days after and claimed that he was abducted by Police and Military personnel. Finally he attended the Senate hearing on the case and revealed blockbuster news. He said that Commision on Elections (Comelec) Chairman Benjamin Abalos wanted to protect his US$130M kickback from the project. He also testified that there were several people whom bribed him not to return to the Philippines to testify. He identified several officials of the Government and Cabinet as co-conspirators of the crime. Including the First Gentleman, Mike Arroyo. His testimony won both popularity and sympathy from the people.

Whether hes speaking the truth or not, Lozada’s testimony seemedto have placed the loyalists in doubt, the neutral in anger and the opposition in the sense of People Power.

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