A Fight That Unites

A country divided by so many scandals and religions was united…but only for a short while, as the nation’s boxing superstar Manny Pacquaio picks up a win over Mexican Juan Manuel Marquez.

It was a time wherein Pacquaio’s win was crucial, the country was already divided by the ZTE-NBN Broadband Overpricing and the risk of losing oil-rich Kalayaan Islands, a loss would plunge the country deeper into depression. The first few rounds showed Marquez’s dedication to put out the guy they call in his country, “Numero Enemigo Uno de la Republika” (Enemy Number One of the Republic), the person who has defeated eight other Mexican boxers, connecting punches that sent Manny reeling. But the third round was different, Manny retaliated and managed to knock out Marquez, and his countrymen were on their feet applauding for their hero.

The match turned out in favor of Pacquaio, despite protests and allegations of errors in the scorecards. Once again, the Philippines was united. The military declared a temporary cease-fire with the insurgents, the political squabbles stopped, criminality was at its lowest. But Pacquaio’s boxing matches only comes twice or thrice in a year, we shouldn’t always depend on these for national reconciliation. Peace should start within ourselves, the people, that we should all reconcile, link together and move on forward.

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