Red and Blue Don’t Mix

So theres currently a N.A.T.O summit going on these days which they say is the biggest one ever. Their main agenda: To discuss the possibilities of a Red joining an anti-Red group. Ukraine, once a part of the communist U.S.S.R, once a communist but still upholds a communist way of life has placed a bid to join N.A.T.O, the group it threatened war with during the Cold War days. I have nothing against reconciliation but like other people I have to ask, will it work?

Well sadly as early as now you got Ukrainians protesting the idea, they go to the streets waving hammer and sickle flags all in support for socialism. And across the Atlantic Ocean you got President Bush endorsing the bid. If N.A.T.O was to ask me I say go with the Ukrainians. Because I know no matter how hard we try communists and capitalists would never go together. Why do you think they have such labels? It’s the same reason why salt and sugar have different names, they look the same but they’re not, they’re different. And so are communists and capitalists. If reconciliation is a big deal they should do the same thing they’re doing with Russia. They should hold talks like the N.A.T.O-Russia talks where Russia isn’t a part of N.A.T.O but still share the same ideas and maintain a good relationship. But for me, there are still a lot of cracks to repair before the dream of communists and capitalists working together can be achieved.

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