The Olympics

Its Olympic season once again and the torch is making its way through different countries, but the Tibetans block the way.

As China finishes the final touches of the preparations, clearing out all specs and malfunctions that may cause problems during the games, then in came the Tibetans and their international supporters. These people came from the Tibetan Autonomous Region, they demand autonomy and not independence which other people would think. Just in time for the games, sucky timing for them huh? The Tibetans in China protest about the torch relay, and they suffer a bloody crackdown from the communists. And their supporters worldwide try to do the same, the most serious one being in London wherein British TV broadcaster Sir Trevor McDonald was attacked by pro-Tiber protesters who wanted to take the torch. Now the other countries which the torch would pass are taking necessary measures to ensure the torch is safe. Like putting it in a bus. And whats ironic is the nickname of the said torch relay, the Journey of Harmony.

Now the torch relay isn’t the only problem the Communist regime needs to resolve but as well as its environmental status. China has some of the world’s most polluted cities, which include Beijing and Shanghai. Because of this, countries are concerned if whether the pollution would take its toll on the performance of its delegates, giving them a second opinion of sending their athletes to Beijing. But recently world leaders have decided to send in their delegates as late as possible to lessen their exposure to the pollution.

Now the games are still in four months, but a number of world leaders have boycotted or are thinking of boycotting the event. The first being the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel. Others include Donald Tusk of Poland and Vaclav Klaus of the Czech Republic. French President Nicholas Sarkozy
set a conditional attendance, and the conditions were to open talks with the Dalai Lama and the release of political prisoners. British Prime Minister Gordon Brown already said earlier that he was gonna miss the event but said that it had nothing to do with whats happening to Tibet. And the US president George Bush who at first was hesitating to attend the event now has decided to show up saying that, “the Olympics has nothing to do with politics”.

The fate of the Olympics may still be unclear now, who knows maybe these train of “bad” events would change soon.

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