How China is already at War with the USA

America have gained allies throughout the years (like Iraq), but they also have met new foes. And although they don’t know it they already are being invaded, and they are losing. And it seems like their arsenal of weapons isn’t enough to stop it.

The United States Government have their focus on the Middle East, where the war there seems to never end and where new enemies are sprouting across the region, ranging from low level ragtag terrorist groups to an alleged Nuclear Iran. America exerts the greatest amount of its security strength in protecting it’s closest ally, Israel, as well as to avoid terrorists from “nuking” America (which is just a figment of their imagination).

Elsewhere, about a thousand miles south lies a continent which is no friend of America, Latin America. With Fidel Castro, Hugo Chavez, Evo Morales and other leaders blasting America’s government each time they have the chance. And west of America lies a region it had ignored to make way for Middle East, South East Asia. Although relationships remain strong, leaders are nearly tired to be visited by a lower ranking official rather than the President or even the Secretary of State. Take for example the ASEAN Summit in 2007 (the earlier one) when Bush canceled his visit to the Philippines and passed the duty to Condoleeza Rice, who also canceled the trip and passed it on to Deputy Secretary of State, John Negroponte, who seemed to have pissed of his Russian counterparts with his stale jokes (during the presentation night).

But not so far away from the region lies the greatest threat. A country that intends to cause the political, military and economic fall of the US. The country doesn’t intend to fire a single shot but is certain of victory. And it’s goal is not to bring America to its knees like Kim Jong-Il and (before) Saddam Hussein. It’s goal is to replace the United States as the world’s only superpower in terms of economy and military.

China have encountered enemies throughout the years, and they stand strong victorious. And these victories are accounted to an old Chinese saying, “Winning a hundred battles is not an admirable deed, but winning a single battle without fighting is”. And really, it is best to win a war without fighting. It is argued that this is what Chinese diplomacy is all about, obviously it is part of the strategy but there is more to it than just that. This form of warfare is called asymmetric, which uses economic, political and military power. But with the least emphasis on military. China has already used the same strategy on its war with Taiwan (yes, they also have a war with Taiwan), trimming down its number of allies with investments and assistance. The most recent one happened to be Taiwan’s (former) greatest ally, Malawi, which sided with China following an investment deal worth around $ 4 B (not exact figure). This is also the reason why Taiwan isn’t allies with the United States, with American companies benefiting from Chinese trade. Now they are falling for the same trap. Let’s take a look at China’s economic dominance around the world so far: they have certainly taken control of Africa with about 700 investments there worth around $ 10B (again, not exact figure). And they are also slowly replacing American economic dominance in Asia, where countries enjoy investments, both in the economic and military field. The greatest example of this would be the scenario in the Philippines, where America is trying its best for its closest ally in the South East to not be taken by China. Both countries (China and America) have earlier been reported of fighting over military influence. Both trying to replace its European made aircrafts with their own designs.

America obviously is on the defensive side, defending its remaining allies in all parts of the world. Although it still maintains a stable European alliance, it seems to have lost the other parts of the world. The question now is, would China really be able to replace the US as the world’s only superpower? Maybe it would, and maybe it is the reason why we never took firm measures on defective Chinese planes, lead-based toys and contaminated food products.

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