Why America and China are fighting for the Philippines

You’ve probably heard the news, China and the US are trying to replace our military hardware with their own designs. How both countries pour investments and aid on the country. One has to wonder why are they doing so? Well as I mentioned in the previous blog, this is part of China’s American invasion. Slowly taking their allies one by one, continent by continent. But the Philippines, to China, is more of an ammo than a weapon. You see, the country is rich with natural resources, ranging from gold to (potentially) oil. Securing the Philippines would also mean making it hard for the US to interfere when China invades Taiwan or when North Korea invades either South Korea or Japan, or both. On the US side, however, the Philippines could be a location for a secret military base since bases in Japan and Israel are already known by the enemies, including China. Think of the proximity of the Philippines to major Chinese provinces such as the most populous city Guangzhou and the economic city, Shenzhen. The country is also near to major economic (tourism) spots, Hong Kong, Macau and Hainan.

Another perspective to the issue is that, maybe China’s real intention is to stop the US from getting “closer”. And maybe the real intention of the US is to defend key allies such as Japan and South Korea, and not the country itself. But whatever it is, the two countries really make it appear like they value the Philippines a lot.

3 thoughts on “Why America and China are fighting for the Philippines

  1. This is old hat ‘clash of civilizations’ thesis recycled here. Conflicts need not be expressed as wars. And the main strength of Pinoys are in their human resources more than natural resources. Factoring natural resources for invations is old hat–that is applicable for the African continent, but over-valuating RP’s resources is cult-level thought without much basis. While RP’s labor had gained ILO victories perenially. RP’s professions had moved to high-tech innovation capabilities. Think again.

  2. The US doesn’t have a base in Israel. The Philippines isn’t a strategic location that’s why we agreed to vacate our bases there. From Diego Garcia, South Korea, Japan and Guam, we have plenty of strategic locations to defend the region from any hostile action from China. I didn’t even mention our naval resourses. Also Thailand is much closer and we had bases there in the 60’s. Don’t worry though, The US will see to it that nobody invades the Philippines. We’ve helped you before and we will help you again.

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