How can a small company deliver that much coal?

The recent highlight of the news nowadays is the P 900+ M coal deal between the National Power Corporation (NAPOCOR), an Indonesian mining firm and a local company with a P62k capital. The question on everyone’s mind is that how did such a small company get such a big contract? NAPOCOR responds that there was nothing wrong with such. Some say the company just got lucky. But then I myself wonder how the company is gonna get that much coal, when if they could have done it before they wouldn’t be worth P62k now. Right?

I’m not saying its some kind of a foul play. I mean, NAPOCOR could’ve favored them because they were able to deliver so on time but another thing that comes to my mind is how could NAPOCOR put their trust for a big project on a small company. Surely they would have to pay a downpayment, right?

Just a quick article everyone.

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