Bribery in Sulpicio Lines cases..?

It has been two decades no since the first tragedy happened, as the years past more tragedies occurred now numbering to about five. And only one has been solved.

One has to wonder how the big Shipping line, Sulpicio Lines, evaded conviction on most of the five disasters it was charged with. Put together has a death toll numbering 5,000. And whats worse is that it took twenty years for the first and only case to be resolved. And what’s even more suspicious is that the only case resolved, the M/V Doña Paz case, was settled at the time when the people’s “grudge” if you may say, on Sulpicio was revived after the recent M/V Princess of the Stars tragedy. Now, has the shipping giant been bribing the authorities? It’s not being taken up, but it’s not impossible either. Now the company is finally getting its just desserts, having to pay victims huge sums and facing harsh penalties as well. But only after twenty years and 1,000 more lives later.

Now if there really is some kind of corruption happening I just hope those behind it could sleep well at night with the thought of over 5,000 people dead.

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