Blazing Georgia

After a Georgian attack aimed at reclaiming the breakaway region of South Ossetia, Russia considered it an attack into their sovereign territory, considering that 2/3 of the South Ossetian population have Russian passports. However, the Russians weren’t contented of just driving them away and even sent their troops into Georgian territory and now Georgia is under attack. As fair as it sounds like is the purpose of Russia’s actions really to save the Ossetians or are the reports from the West true that they are reclaiming the areas part of what used to be called the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics?

On the eve of the Olympics the country of Georgia set fire the region of South Ossetia with artillery fires. The country calls this an attack to reclaim the breakaway region. Russia however finds it different, calling it an attack against Russians. Fighting back by bombarding key Georgian “military” locations such as bases and airfields. But apparently, due to “miscalculations”, the bombs hit civilian locations instead like apartments and hospitals. Killing hundreds of Georgian civilians. And so the theory of a genocide-in-the-making was brought up by the Georgian government, saying that Russia had intentionally targeted these locations. But Russia countered and said that it was Georgia that committed the genocide, slaughtering thousands of South Ossetian residents and would have killed more if they haven’t intervened.

Russia clearly has the military advantage, but Georgia is seeking help from the United States. The US however said that if Georgia had been a member of NATO it would have immediately declared war on Russia. But is this really the case? I mean they stepped in on Vietnam with very little basis of doing so. They didn’t bother to step in when their ally, Israel, was bombing the heck out of Lebanon. Killing thousands of civilians. And the US can’t overlook how much it would cost them if they would send troops and hardware all the way to the east.

The war in the East is continuing to escalate up to this day, with the Russians finding it pleasurable to set Georgia on fire. Not that I’m defending Georgia or anything. I’m just saying that it is times like these that the international community should get involved.

2 thoughts on “Blazing Georgia

  1. I agree. America should be unbiased with its peacekeeping operations. It should not favor only its allies or countries rich with natural resources.

    The US should be careful about facing Russia in a real war, the Russians would use American tanks as target practice.

  2. President Mikhail Saakashvili was replaced Mr Eduard Shevardnadze. After an assisation attack on him. Saakashvili is an American trained agent. This attack by Georgia on aug 8 on olympics day opening ceremony happened by Israel’s advisor who have been training and preparing the Georgian for quite some time now. BTC pipeline and its future is at stake. The whole world is with Russia this time.

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