Ready to Stand Up and to Step Up

It has been years now since Iran revealed its ambition to nuclear power. And for the same duration as well the West has constantly been pressuring the Islamic country to surrender its goal, offering them different incentive packages. When the Iranians refused the offer, they used the so-called “hard way” and slapped different sanctions ranging from trade embargoes to putting their military in the World Terrorist Blacklist. Now, the US have set a deadline for Iran to make its final decision. Whether to push through with the plan, which if I may add they have every right to, or to abandon it and be a US “ally”. The US have threaten to use “force” if ever Iran would refuse again, and Iran have also threatened to fight back if the US or its ally Israel would fire a bullet into Iranian territory. But with the situation hotter than ever, is Iran still willing to stand up or will they finally give in to US pressure?

What’s the real score here? Well, Iran wants to develop nuclear energy to cut energy costs in the country. And the US is diverting the situation and making the world think Iran is trying to produce nuclear weapons. This is the same thing that happened during Saddam’s Iraq, where he was accused of not only developing but supplying nuclear arms to terrorist groups. Which was later found out to be false. Five years after the invasion did the US only realize its mistake, as the expenditures of the Iraq war is reaching the same price tag that of Vietnam’s. They cannot withdraw immediately due to the constant attacks from terrorists and their expenditures are getting higher each day. The question on my mind is would the American Congress (which approved the attack in 2003) or more importantly, the American people allow another US-led attack on a mideast country? And would the so-called, “Coalition” still support the attack if ever America asked them to?

Iranian President Ahmadinejad poses in this undated file photo

Take a look at this, the Iran Nuclear Program was previously supported by the United States. But after the Contra-Iran scandal and the American Embassy Hostage Crisis in the ’80s the West has had a different view of it. The economy of Iran, though big, is not much compared to China and Russia which both have nuclear programs but then again you don’t see the US impose trade embargoes onto it. And why? Because doing so would put a big dent onto the American economy. Just contributing to the economic crisis its already suffering. Heck, even China is causing some hostility into the region pointing long-range missiles onto Taiwan but then you don’t see America intervening. These thoughts make us doubt the liability of the US in being a “peace keeper” or at least an unbiased one.

The deadline is drawing near, and Iran is still refusing to end the program. Only time will tell if the unstable Middle East region would have a peaceful future.

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