Who’s Going to Stand Up?

Tskhinvali was literally blazed, Gori was left in ruins, and now Tblisi is in the verge of being attacked by Russian forces as the Eastern European conflict continues to escalate everyday. Georgian reserve forces have already been tapped as counter-defense measures but it still isn’t enough to repel the Russians. This should be the perfect time for the world to step in, but why hasn’t any country intervened?

A Russian soldier fires an RPG to enemy position in an unknown location.
A Russian soldier fires an RPG to enemy position in an unknown location.

Where is America now? The country that is accountable for shaping up 2/3 of Georgian forces? They haven’t sent a single soldier in the battlefield, instead just cash for the Georgian refugees. And the amount is relatively small considering the number of persons displaced by Russian bombings. Where is the European Union? The so-called “peace keeper” of the European continent? They indeed have sent “forces” but just to cover the peace talks between the two nations and not combat forces that would prevent the two countries to clash and send more people homeless. Australia has sent aid as well but it isn’t enough. Financial aid ISN’T enough. There are already 200,000 persons displaced when the city of Gori was attacked, and it isn’t even a major Georgian city. It’s capital, Tbilisi, is about to be attacked. Now, if an attack on a minor city caused the displacement of that much people how much more, do you think, would be displaced if the capital was to be attacked?

I’m wondering now if technicality really is the reason why no other country has stepped up, or is it because they are just scared? Having a go against Russia would be a gamble to both their economies and their militaries. Face it, Russia is an emerging economy. This is the same situation as the Yom Kippur War, every country wants to help but then the Arabs threatened an oil embargo and they all knew it was gonna hurt like an atom bomb on their economies. It is sad to realize that countries care for their wealth more than people dying. And it is very coincidental that the conflict erupted in the midst of an Olympics that aimed to promote the slogan, “One World”. Time is running out for the people of Georgia, pretty soon the conflict would reach its peak and would send more people homeless. When would the world stand up for what is right rather than for what would benefit them?

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