Attack on the People

The latest U.S. Air Force offensive in Afghanistan left over seventy civilians and just about a dozen rebels dead. With the bigger percentage being civilians, is the U.S. really targeting the bad guys, or the innocent ones?

A physician tends to his patient's, a victim of a U.S. bombing, needs in this photo grab.
A physician tends to his patient

A US Air Force operation in the western Afghan town of Azizabad has left over a dozen Taliban fighters dead. This would be good news to most people. The problem? About seventy civilians have been killed and fifteen houses destroyed. The American side however says only five civilians died. Whoever is telling the truth is unsure, the Americans could just be covering up its actions so as not to lose political support abroad. But then again, the Afghan Government has been known to exaggerate death tolls as to collect more compensation money from the U.S. or they just give in to pressure from the Taliban.

Both sides have a dirty history. The lesser evil is still unknown. One thing is for sure though, no political support or compensation money could return the lives of the civilians dead. No matter how many they are.

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