License to Do Reckless Driving

Finally, the Land Transportation Office have done something with the crimes committed by vehicles bearing the number “8”. Plate numbers, that to the owner, means he or she is the king or queen of the road. A plate number that to traffic aides means they must ignore them and let them “off the hook”. But now, they are realizing that no one is above the law. The plate number “8”‘s power has deteriorated.

The number “8”. To the Chinese, this number symbolizes wealth and good fortune. Which is the reason why the Beijing Olympics was held on 8/8/08. To paranormal experts, dates with the number eight are when the portal to the spirit realm would open. But to poor, defenseless beggars and street-dwellers, the number eight is the sign that would mean their death. Cars bearing the number eight are owned by Provincial governors, and their drivers or the governors themselves would often abuse their “power” and use the plate number as an excuse to not follow traffic rules such as evading the street lights or speeding. Dozens of street-dwellers die each year after being run over by these cars. The worst part is, they don’t get justice. As in the Philippines, the rich have more power in the judiciary system.

The thing is, I don’t think there is a point in having the plate number “8” in the first place. I mean, do the governors have to be identified with the car model they’re using? We all know that the newest car model on the street belongs to a politician. And can’t they just keep a low profile? Is it such an honor to be a governor? So there’s really no need for a custom plate.

Recently, the LTO have ordered all plate number “8”s recalled. They’re doing something about it now, but why after so long? Plate number “8” atrocities were done even during the Marcos era.

What about those who have done the crimes? Is the LTO also going to get them? Or are they just gonna let them off the hook and get as much as a warning? There have been violators brought to court but because of the kind of “position” they hold they are eventually freed on bail.

Whatever it may be, there have been dozens of poor, powerless people out there seeking for the truth. Seeking for justice. Sure, something has been done now but it’s too little and it’s too late.

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