The Right Choices?

Barack Obama, a known “anti-war in Iraq” politician, chose a pro-war lawmaker, Joe Biden to be his running mate for the November general elections. And just yesterday Republican candidate John McCain announced that novice politician Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. A not-so-bad pick as Palin: 1) is pro-life 2) has no ties to Bush and 3) is very popular in her home state. The question now is, did the presidentiables really get the right persons or did they pick their own poison?

Barack Obama's running mate, Joe Biden, is seen posing in this undated file photo.
Delaware Senator Joe Biden

As November draws near, the election fever is as high as ever. Now with the vice-presidentiables revealed, the critics would have more to say about their candidates. As the running mates they pick would tell what kind of president they would become. On where they stand on certain issues.

For example, if an anti-war advocate picks another anti-war personality as his running mate then he would have a strong image about being an anti-war advocate. This isn’t the case of Democratic candidate Barack Obama however. This anti-war icon picked Joe Biden, a pro-war statesman, as his running mate. One would have to wonder if he really is serious about his “end the Iraq war” campaign.

Alaska Governor Sarah Palin
Alaska Governor Sarah Palin

Picking the vice-presidents would also be used to cover-up flaws and mistakes of presidentiables. Take John McCain for example. His image was badly strained when he was endorsed by President Bush. Now, he picked Sarah Biden to be his running mate. Someone who has no ties to the unpopular president.

Smart move, McCain.

Sarah Palin also is popular to the Christian and Evangelical conservatives for her tough stance on pro-life and anti-abortion. Biden on the other hand is foreign affairs savy. He authored laws against genocide in Sudan and was instrumental in the 1999 Kosovo air strikes, bringing peace to the region. He may be a pro-peace icon but his methods in achieving peace is however by the use of force and not by diplomacy.

Choosing your vice-president really helps in your bid to becoming president. Choosing the wrong candidate would do the opposite. Obama and McCain’s picks were met with criticisms, but at the same time it also drew a number of appreciation from their supporters. The elections draws near, we are yet to learn if whether they made the right choices or the exact opposite.

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