Legal Defense

After a US airstrike-gone-wrong kills 12 innocent civilians in a tribal village in the Afghan-Pakistani border, the Pakistanis wanted no more of American help in their territory. Leading them into shooting two US military choppers which were suppose to hunting for insurgents. America calls the attack “uncalled for”, but we have to analyze that what the Pakistanis were doing was just legal defense.

An American attack chopper goes on patrol near the Afghan-Paki border in this undated photo.
An American attack chopper goes on patrol near the Afghan-Paki border in this undated photo.

It was two weeks ago when an American missile hit a house in North Waziristan, a tribal region in Pakistan near the Afghan border. Apparently, the Americans were pursuing rebels fleeing from Afghanistan. They can get in, apparently, into Pakistan at any time they want without Pakistani approval. Well, technically that was the case until the unfruitful incident last September 12. Musharaff had to not give a damn, or else the US would tighten a noose around his neck for his nuclear ambitions. Now there’s a new top dog, Asif Ali Zardari, who has a tough stance on terrorism since he blames for the death of his wife, Benazir Bhutto.

He was frustrated about the US attacks though. Sending a protest straight to the American embassy. And he had every right to, he was only doing what he was assigned to do, protect the people. And the US can’t say that they were also protecting the people by pursuing the rebels because mind you Pakistan has its own defense forces. Even has nuclear weapons in its arsenal. It is very capable of defending itself against terrorists.

Pakistan has already made a threat, that if the US doesn’t stay out of its borders it would attack. An attack of legal defense. America has to know that it is not free to do anything it wants, and it must also understand this.

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