Change Has Come to the World

After months of career defining victories against iconic rivals such as the wife of a former US President and a powerful ex-POW US Senator, Barack Obama finally delivered the final touch of his struggle to the White House with a dragon slaying victory over John McCain. In his acceptance speech Obama claims that the change America needs has finally arrived. And remember, whatever America needs the world needs as well.

Who was Barack Obama before the Iowa caucuses? He was a nobody. A barely recognized Senator from Illinois stood to face a very powerful Senator from New York and the wife of a former US President, Hillary Clinton. From the start, analysts already said Clinton was the clear winner. No novice Senator was going to beat a politician the caliber of Clinton, polls that followed backed the statement. And not to mention with the kind of country America is his race surely is a disadvantage. He is a product of two of the most discriminated races in the world, Black and Asian.  But as time passed the public began to recognize Obama’s charisma, and how unique and straightforward his platform was. His background no longer mattered to them, and he began catching up in the polls. And the first step to his journey was completed, he won the Iowa caucuses and he won it big. An upset, a huge one and a dissappointment, a huge one as well to Clinton and her supporters. The following caucuses was a roller coaster ride, with each side winning and losing–it was nobody’s ball game. Finally the time came when Obama surpassed the number of delegates needed to be the Democratic Party’s candidate for Presidency. A dragon slaying victory.

But after fighting that battle, Obama was faced with a new challenge. The hardest in his entire struggle. Or if this was a video game we were talking about this opponent would be called, “the boss”. It was Obama v.s. McCain, the final battle in the fight for the White House. Obama was a fan favorite, but not because he impressed people but because his opponent was a less popular one. McCain was pro-war and he had a strict stand against immigration, something that made conservative groups dislike him.

Finally, the 4th of November came. The most recent polls showed Obama ahead of McCain but by a thin margin, could he bring those numbers all the way to the results? As we all know by know, yes he could and yes he did. Barack Obama is now the President-elect of the United States of America, the first black leader in history and one that would hopefully fix the economy of the United States. Clearly, Barack Obama’s win was dragon slaying. Hopefully though, he won’t stop with slaying the dragon McCain, but as well as the dragon that is threatening the world, the global financial crisis.

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