Too soft?

In recent news, the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) is again marred by a ontroversy, a bribery one. PDEA agents caught three alleged drug users and drug dealers in a buy bust operation. The three were: Jorge Jordana Joseph, son of iconic radio commentator Johnny Joseph or more popularly known as Johnny Midnight; Joseph Tecson son of Joe Tecson, the person who allegedly offered the bribe; and Richard Brodett, nephew of former basketball player and actor Dave Brodett. The issue of bribery just proves how weak local drug enforcement is, at the same time ruining our justice system. Where the rich could just buy their way out of serving time. Which makes us sometimes think—-should death penalty be revived?

Clearly our justice system is too soft. We have child protection laws that keep juveniles gang members who threaten people with violence out of prison and into the free world. We have an Executive Clemency program that allows the Chief Executive to pardon inmates who have served at least 15 years. And then we got law enforcers who can be bought. Wheres justice now?

If we all could recall how capital punishment was abolished two years ago, it was after several requests from the Church for taking the life of a human being would be immoral. What they didn’t think of was the consequence of not eliminating evil. As predicted by then Congressman Miguel Zubiri, the percentage of drug users and dealers in the country would surge if death penalty was to be abolished. And he was right. Today, the Philippines ranks first among all Asian countries in the number of people aged 15-24 who are dependent on drugs.

Being moral is a nice thing, but being safe is practical. The Church has to choose which life to risk: the good or evil?

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