Security Breach: First Case of Swine Flu in the Philippines

A poster you should expect to see lately.
A poster you should expect to see lately.

Health Secretary Francisco Duque III has just confirmed the Philippines’ first case of the dreaded Influenza A(H1N1) virus.

The victim is a ten-year old girl who just arrived with her family from the U.S. and Canada. Her identity, the hospital she is staying in and where the hospital is remains undisclosed as of press time.

The news came as such a big suprise as the RP government were so committed to keep the virus away from the country. Although the virus didn’t breed at home, and clearly isn’t a failure of the Heath Department, the government can still be blamed for not banning flights to and from flu-stricken countries.

Good news however is that the best -known counter against the flu, the TamiFlu, has been imported extensively.

Now the sight of face masks would be common in the Philippines as well.

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