Mancao’s Return

It's all up to this guy: Cesar Mancao
It's all up to this guy: Cesar Mancao

After countless attempts to get him back following the reopening of the Dacer-Corbito double murder case, former Philippine Anti-Crime Commission (PACC) agent Cesar Mancao is finally coming back to the Philippines to testify in the said case.

His return may well sound superb especially to the family of Bubby Dacer and his driver, Emmanuel Corbito, but let’s ponder for a while—why now and not months back? Are we going to suffer another “jocjoc” and have a witness who is drained of all the intriguing facts he knows?

We were all eager to hear what Jocelyn Bolante had to say in the fertilizer fund scam, but the long wait was nothing. In the end, we had our hearts broken when Jocjoc said the phrase: “there is no fertilizer fund scam”. Where did the Php 728M fund go to? To fertilizers for farmers or for fertilizers to plant administration candidates into public office?

Mancao has a lot of things to consider before he decides to either lie or tell the truth: one is the family Dacer and Corbito left, one wrong move would make their deaths useless. And another thing is to expose the real “bad guys”. Both former president Joseph Estrada and Senatior Panfilo Lacson are linked to the case, and both seek a term in the highest office in the land. If they are criminals and are given the powers of a president, who knows what kind of chaos that would bring to the country.

So to Mr. Cesar Mancao, sir, testify not for a subpoena but for your country.

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