The Same Song with a Different Tune

Rallies like this are what stops lawmakers from extending President Arroyo's term...even if they want to.
Rallies like this are what stops lawmakers from extending President Arroyo's term...even if they want to.

After the death of the Charter Change, the Arroyo ass-kissing, opportunistic lawmakers went back to the drawing table and hatched a new idea. They wanted to fight for the same cause: cut the chains that restrain them from nurturing their greed, the Philippine Charter. That was what Cha-cha was for actually, now they’re using a new name: Con-ass or Constitutional Assembly.

Contrary to what every other critic would say, I don’t believe that the Con-ass is to extend President Arroyo’s or anyone else’s terms. That is virtually impossible with the number of Filipinos who want her out. They surely wouldn’t want their representative to extend her stay. They (the representatives) know that, Arroyo herself knows that. They’re too smart for that! What this Con-ass would is to give the greedy more teeth into the taxpayers’ money. The wealth of the country.

As it was earlier reported, Con-ass would give P20 M more pork to lawmakers. Think of what kind of advantage this would give the administration in their 2010 election bid. More money to campaign, advertise and the painful one, bribe.

The more an administration candidate would retain their spot in next year’s elections the more President Arroyo would continue her grasp on the nation. Just remember the Harry Potter series, Lord Voldemort was powerless and gone but his loyal servants stayed and brought him back to power. The Congress is already Arroyo-dominated, retain this and add more in the years to come and you’ve got an Arroyo Congress! Now all thats left is the Senate, even just 1/3 of that chamber would be enough to formally say that Arroyo stays as a president even if she will not run again.

What I’m saying here is that we shouldn’t aim our rants and rallies at one person (the President), because really…it’s just one person! We should zero in on where corruption is more rampant, the Congress and see what they’re doing. Because really, this Con-ass is just the same old ass-y song.

4 thoughts on “The Same Song with a Different Tune

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