The Gonzalez Factor

Cesar Mancao, one of Gonzalez's successes
Cesar Mancao, one of Gonzalez's successes

The Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary successfully brings Mancao home, and has Dumlao on his way back home. That’s a double score for Raul Gonzalez. And definitely would give him plus points to the President. But the most unexpected happened, Gonzalez announces his resignation as justice secretary and plans to run for congress in his hometown. Speculations arose, is he just seeking a better position (financially) or is there anything to do with the Dacer-Corbito double murder case especially since the prime suspect, Senator Panfilo Lacson announces his withdrawal from next year’s elections?

That idea gave all of us food for thought. A scary thought actually if the administration and the opposition would forge some kind of deal behind our backs and satisfy both greeds. At whose cost though? At Dacer and Corbito’s family, and all those seeking for justice.

Certainly, it is crucial for President Arroyo to remain in power, or at least be influential after next year’s elections with almost all of the presidentiables promising to get her for all corruption allegations. With Senator Lacson being her fiercest rival among the possible candidates, she’s going to have to find a way to ease her troubles.

For Senator Lacson however, the Dacer-Corbito double murder case is the one closest to pinning him as a criminal. Evading this case is vital. And the only one in position to get him off the hook, is President Arroyo.

Two great evils needing each other to watch their back. With Gonzalez officially out, it looks like they’re going to have it their way. But history would always repeat itself, Marcos was ill-fated to pass on his power to his children and Estrada’s habit for gambling failed to get financed by public funds. For me, whether this conspiracy is real or just a figment of imagination, it will never happen without the Filipinos having the final say on it.

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