Save the Haitians

‘Unimaginable’ is how broadcasting networks describe the latest calamity to hit the impoverished state of Haiti. Unlike the famines and droughts that have troubled the Haitians in the past, today’s nightmare might stay with them for the rest of their lives.

Even the presidential palace wasn't spared from destruction.

A killer earthquake has damaged houses and infrastructure in this third world nation. Sinking their economy to a level even lower than previous. At the moment the number of dead is unknown, but if tv footages were to be judged you could say at least a hundred thousand are affected.

If an earthquake of this intensity was to happen in a developed nation, modern machines and well-equipped rescue workers could easily tend to the affected. But in this country that simply isn’t the case, everything has to be shipped in. Food, machines, workers, they all come from abroad. The Haitian government could no way afford to resolve this problem themselves.

In the past, the Haiti government have done nothing to it’s people other than disappointment. The country’s government is in turmoil following countless coups by the paramilitary. And even intervention from the United States has not improved the country’s conditions.

It looks likely that they are going to disappoint their people once again. With no funds and no manpower, the best the Haiti government could do is to cooperate with the international community and appeal for much needed aid.

Global superpowers have not been shy in flexing their financial muscles and sending out help to Haiti. And it’s a good thig that they’re doing. All the world should think of now is to help the Haitians.

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