Against All Odds: Donald trumps Clinton

A Republican Victory: Senate and House stays Red, while Donald Trump wins as president.

The mainstream media was against him. All of Hollywood rallied to stop him. Corporate billionaires frivolously backed his opponent, Hillary Clinton and even his own party colleagues abandoned him.

Against all those odds, Donald J. Trump was proclaimed the president-elect of the United States of America.

Just before polling booths opened, Huffington Post gave Trump a mere 2% chance of winning the election. Likewise, a Reuters survey gave Hillary Clinton a 90% chance of becoming president just hours before voting started.

Prominent American news outlets such as the LA Times and The Atlantic published stories of Trump’s campaign being “finished” weeks ago, stating the real estate mogul had “no chance” left to win.

Those entities had the shock of their lives when they witnessed vital swing states such as Ohio, North Carolina and especially Florida turning red – signalling an impending Trump victory.

The biggest stars of Hollywood also rallied behind Clinton, with Robert de Niro and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Their resentment of a potential Trump presidency was so profound that a total of 23 well-known actors threatened to leave the U.S. if Trump were to win.

This list included the likes of Miley Cyrus and Amy Schumer.

Funnily enough, after Trump was formally declared president-elect those two comedians retracted their promise and vowed to stay in their country after all.

So the Clinton campaign definitely had a lot of “star power” as well as the backing of most news outlets – but what about financially?

Despite being called the “candidate of the 1%”, Donald Trump spent just half of what Clinton did during this election cycle.

To compartmentalize those numbers better, by racking up 59 million votes and $270 million in spending Trump’s votes were valued at $5 each.

Clinton also outspent Trump 3-to-1 on advertising, her campaign spent $142 million and outside groups (PACs) sympathetic to her campaign spent another $103 million bringing the total amount spent on pro-Clinton ads at $245 million.

Fortune magazine had Clinton’s spending on staffers at $5.5 million, that numbers to about 800 boots-on-the-ground who vigorously campaigned for her.

Clinton did raise substantially through grassroots activism, but a majority of her campaign funds came from big money donors.

These include the likes of Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley and Citigroup Inc., who all benefited from the Wall Street crash by receiving large sums of government bail-out money.

Despite what his detractors would have you think, that Trump is the “candidate of the 1%”, the numbers state otherwise. Clinton, not Trump, was the favourite among the billionaires.

Bloomberg reported that Clinton “outraised Trump 20-to-1” among billionaires, these include the likes of George Soros and Alice Walton of Walmart.

The odds were stacked immensely against Trump, yet on election night he pulled a victory.

People were left angry and confused, mostly at the fact that a Clinton victory was sold as “inevitable” by the mainstream media. No one gave Trump a chance.

And that was exactly the outcry of the populace following the results, how did the media got it so, so wrong?

Even the New York Times stated that “polling was wrong on all sides.” CNN, which is an avowed supporter of the Clinton campaign from the start, declared that the media “did not understand the depth of anger in its own country.”

The latter statement perhaps articulates the outcome of the election best. The people have grown tired of the constant defense of the media, Hollywood and of pollsters who clearly were pushing voter support for Clinton.

The”establishment” tried their best to skew the results in Clinton’s favour, the candidate they preferred. This attempt was repudiated by the people.

Exit polls show that despite an elaborate smear campaign on Trump as “anti-woman”, he still won 44% of the women vote. In contrast, Clinton campaigned vigorously among non-white voters but still did worse than President Obama’s tally in 2012.

This gives a statement loud and clear: the mainstream media depicted a candidate the way they wanted to, but in the end the people ignored their narrative and voted on their own preferences.

Trump’s “against all odds” victory is a clear sign that the establishment class – the media, entertainment celebrities, billionaires and pollsters – have all lost their monopoly on the information war.

The people made that clear on the night.

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