Classic Pinoy Commercials We All Miss

Before the digital age when a majority of the population use the internet for their entertainment and information needs, television sets were an integral part of the Filipino way of life. We all remember watching primetime telenovelas after having supper, this was our way of bonding after a long day at work or school.

In the process of championing these television programs, we also see the TV commercials that air in between. In fact, some commercials became just as popular as the shows themselves – and as memorable.

Here is a list of the classic Pinoy TV commercials that truly stood out.

Fita sportscar commercial

This biscuit ad makes you makes you think about generosity, particularly towards strange, elderly women!

Maggi Sinigang sa Miso (w/ young Sam Concepcion)

The young boy doing the rap went on to become a teen heartthrob, with skills like that who could be surprised?

Lucky Me! Mami

What’s the best remedy for a bad day? A warm bowl of noodle soup, of course! In this ad from 2005, a boy goes home dejected after failing his basketball try-out. Thankfully, mommy is home to make him feel better.

McDonald’s “Karen or Gina?” commercial

This one might top the list of “most memorable” TV commercials. Circa 2000-1 McDonald’s Philippines released this heartwarming short of a young lady’s date with her grandfather, who is clearly affected with memory loss problems.

Despite feeling distraught that her lolo could not remember her name, Gina eventually finds out that deep in his heart she does hold great significance.

Family Rubbing Alcohol

Going back to the 90’s, we see this commercial with perhaps one of the most memorable jingles. I don’t even think Family Rubbing alcohol exists as a brand anymore, nor do I believe rubbing alcohol products have any commercials nowadays.

Yet this classic commercial is memorable for being so catchy, and is definitely one of the most iconic features of its’ decade.

Coca-Cola “Coke Beat” commercial

Speaking of catchy, anyone ever tried imitating this beat battle with your group of friends during the early 2000’s? Hopefully you won, otherwise you would’ve lost a cold bottle of Coke!

PLDT Father’s Support commercial

The McDonald’s commercial mentioned previously might have been the most memorable ad of the decade, but this comes at a close second.

This ad by the Philippine Long Distance Telecom company depicts a son, in college, telling his physician father that he no longer wants to pursue the same career track as him. Despite being disappointed at first, the father then tells him that he has his support “as long as he’s happy.”

There were a lot more memorable commercials not mentioned in this article, perhaps one of your favorites might have been left out from this list.

For brevity’s sake we left it there, but for sure the preceding decades left behind short, 30-second ads that will be remembered for a lifetime.

Do you know of one that comes to mind? Comment your favorite commercial below!


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