Not a Theocracy

In a country where the vast majority of the population profess a belief in a Higher Power, it is easy to mistake that the system of government we live under is a theocracy. Many Filipinos forget the secular nature of the Philippine Republic, that it is enshrined in the 1987 Constitution that the church and […]

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Justice for Whom?

The 17th Congress have made the reimposition of capital punishment one of their main priorities, at a time when poverty is rife and there already being a de-facto death penalty in place. The House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez even made a dire warning to lawmakers, threatening to remove their leadership responsibilities if they dare vote against House […]

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Change of Heart

Environmentalists became excited when President Rodrigo Duterte affirmed Environmental Secretary Gina Lopez’ decision to close down several mining companies for environmental violations. So just imagine their disappointment when the head-of-state recently had a change of heart on illegal mining. The Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) Gina Lopez cemented her status as a crusader for […]

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Duterte Turns His Back on Peace

President Rodrigo Duterte has made no secret of his love affair with the Philippine Left. Even during his time as mayor of Davao he expressed high regard for the radical leftist New People’s Army (NPA), crediting their passionate stance to alleviate the plight of the poor. During the 2016 presidential elections, Duterte was rumored to have […]

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The Fighter for the Environment

When it comes to protecting the environment, there seems to be no enemy worse than large-scale mining firms. They are rarely scrutinized for their environmental record and in those limited instances that they do, they writhe their way out of hefty consequences thanks to big-money defense teams and their connections in the political world. At times […]

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“Bato” Redeems Himself

In light of the scandal engulfing the Philippine National Police (PNP), the chief of the force – Roland “Bato” dela Rosa – has suspended the infamous “War on Drugs”. In lieu of drug addicts, Bato has vowed to go after the true enemy. The Duterte administration has long been chastised for leading “a war against […]

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