Ways to Kill Fidel Castro

In 2006, the former head of the intelligence service of Cuba – Fabian Escalante –  published a book title, “638 Ways to Kill Castro”. The text details more than 600 different assassination methods that critics of Fidel Castro, which included the CIA, used to take out the recently deceased Cuban strongman. These attempts were all […]

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¡Gracias, Fidel!

After a long and very eventful life that saw him survive 638 assassination attempts from the world’s most dangerous secret service, the iconic revolutionary hero and former Cuban leader Fidel Castro has died, aged 90. The strongman would most likely be remembered for his fierce criticism of U.S. imperialism, his captivating speeches and his success […]

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Why Brexit Is Going to Happen

On the 23rd of June, the British will cast a ballot that would perhaps define the future of their country for generations. The referendum on the United Kingdom’s European Union membership will be decided tomorrow, which may have been obvious given how loud the disinformation campaign has been the past week. There are already threats […]

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What is Globalism?

The word ‘globalism’ gets thrown around political circles a lot, especially in recent months when the headlines have been dominated by Brexit and Donald Trump. Detractors of the two are on the side that says globalism is a positive endeavour, whereas those who supported the ‘Leave’ campaign or who share sympathies with Trump vehemently argue […]

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A Hundred Days Later

“Nothing was supposed to go wrong.” That’s how an aviation expert described the flight-path of the missing Malaysian Airlines (MAS) Flight MH370; unfortunately, something did go wrong – but more than three months later no one still knows what. It has been one hundred days since MH370 disappeared from radar. One hundred days since the […]

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Class War

Class warfare is a reality, regardless of how capitalists and the far right denies it. As much as I hate siding with the left, I have to say they have this argument spot on.

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