Bring Back the Girls

This Sunday most of the world celebrates Mother’s Day, a solitary day of the year when we are actually required to show appreciation to our mothers and thank them for everything they have done for us. For some, it is also a day of women’s empowerment – to acknowledge the housewives who are the bedrocks […]

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Examining Brunei’s Morals

Amnesty International describes it as a “return to the dark ages”. The Sultan of Brunei has announced the commencement of a highly controversial sharia penal code for his tiny state this month, amid international outrage. The new law criminalizes acts such as sodomy and out-of-wedlock pregnancies and introduces stiff new penalties which include flogging, severing of […]

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A Vain Society

Never before in history has vanity become a big focus in our society than in this current generation. This time that we live in is the generation of selfies, a camera shot where the sole subject matter is the person taking it. This is the generation of reality television, where individuals allow millions of people to […]

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Leftist Double Standards

It is always said that the Winter Olympics is a mere supporting act for the actual main event – it’s Summer version. The ratings would agree, and up until this year the media buzz supported that notion too. The winter games have never been given the same fanfare as the summer one. But this year […]

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Sorry, but You’re Not Sorry

The Middle East has been a volatile region for decades and is certainly no stranger to violence. However, it is rather unfamiliar with apologies – especially from the perpetrators of violence themselves. While tantalizing sand dunes and the majesty of Arabian architecture are regular fixtures in this region, it is unfortunate to add that so […]

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A Lesson from the Superpower

While most people are either mourning the deaths of the recent earthquake in the Philippines, or being anxious for the unveiling of the new iPad in a week’s time, they become oblivious that the most rational emotion to feel right now is to worry. Why worry? October 17 is a date that looms, while that […]

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The Shutdown and What Looms Ahead

The world’s largest economy and most viable superpower is paralyzed, and the ongoing political bickering and partisan clamor are not helping. For the first time since 1995, the US government has failed to pass a spending budget. Effectively, federal workers are unable to be paid therefore services ran by the Federal government – save the […]

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That’s What Friends are For

How far should one go in the name of friendship? The Greek philosopher Aristotle once said, “Misfortunes show who are really your friends.” When bad things happen sometimes people you thought were friends aren’t there for you anymore. But is it fair to say that friends should still stand by you in the event that you […]

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Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Perhaps one of the most nostalgic songs ever written in our music history would be the classic American ballad song, ‘Over the Rainbow’. In fact, the brilliance of this rendition has earned it an Academy Award and although written in 1939 even in modern time famous versions of it are still being made by the […]

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