Why did ISIS choose the Philippines?

Despite being a country plagued by insurgencies – both ethnic and sectarian – for several decades, the crisis in Marawi City still shocked the nation. The threat was no longer a domestic, homegrown terrorist group wreaking havoc but rather an infamous international force that has done damage to different nations all over the world. How…

Ka Bel: The Legacy of a Working Class Hero

The failures of the political system have turned off many citizens from engaging with it completely. It can be hard not to: we elect politicians to serve the people, when they fail we elect new individuals who promise to be different and when they disappoint us as well it can be tiring to remain optimistic. 

The Oligarchy Ousts Gina

In a huge blow to the progressive wing of the Duterte administration, the Commission on Appointments (CA) rejected the reappointment of Gina Lopez as secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR). 

A Day for Workers’ Rights

The 1st of May is commemorated in the Philippines as Labour Day, known globally as International Workers’ Day. It is a day to celebrate the sacrifice of workers and to be cognizant of the tribulations faced by working class families. 

Meet the Hardworkers

One of the many attributes of President Rodrigo Duterte is his ability to work tirelessly on pressing matters. He famously claimed that he works until midnight, disregarding normal business hours.