Where’s the Jet ski?

One of the most memorable lines during last year’s Philippine Presidential Debates was when the eventual winner, Rodrigo Duterte, pledged to ride a jet ski to confront intruding Chinese vessels in the Spratlys and plant a Philippine flag on the disputed islands. The answer was odd and quite comical, but generated applause from his faithful […]

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Invest in More Social Housing

Recent headlines reported of a mob of angry individuals occupying government property. Reading that should bring back memories of the 2013 Zamboanga Siege orchestrated by the separatist Moro National Liberation Front. However, the takeover of Villa Elise – a state housing settlement in Bulacan – was done by a militant civilian group backed by urban slum […]

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Why Yasay Got Rejected

Despite having a reputation as a mere “rubber stamp” of the President, the Commission on Appointments (CA) this week rejected the appointment of President Duterte’s closest confidante and designated man to be the country’s top diplomat – Perfecto Yasay Jr. 

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The Hypocrisy of Manny Pacquiao

A bill seeking to reinstate the death penalty passed one of its’ toughest hurdles this week as the House of Representatives approved it on third and final reading. The bill will now be sent to the Senate for a similar vote, although a rejection seems unlikely given that high-profile senators are in favor of it – such […]

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No Love for the Volcanoes?

In an historic upset the Philippine national rugby team, dubbed “the Volcanoes”, toppled regional powerhouse Thailand to bag the 2017 Asia Rugby Sevens championship held in Doha Qatar the past two weeks. The news for many Filipinos will not be the fact that a national team won a major sports tournament, but rather in finding out that […]

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Arrest Fredison Atienza

Anthony Mendoza was on his way home on his motorcycle, his older brother in tow, when he was nearly hit by an SUV driving recklessly. Yelling at its’ driver, Mendoza cautioned the offending party to be more careful. The incident enraged the driver of the SUV, Fredison Atienza, who then exited his vehicle to shoot Mendoza in […]

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Whose Side is He On?

Like a hero from an action movie, Rodrigo Duterte took the mantle of a crusader against illegal narcotics and corrupt politicians during the 2016 Presidential Elections. He portrayed himself as the savior who can rid the country of these ills, a “strongman” who could get the job done. It is nine months into his administration and […]

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A Battle of Two Evils

After a highly-publicized Senate investigation and many months of political mudslinging, the saga between President Rodrigo Duterte and Senator Leila de Lima entered a climactic turn with the arrest of the latter.

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