A Sympathy Act

Talk about making a big deal out of things. The National Bureau of Investigation have finally released the result of the investigation done on the now infamous Trina Etong Case. And as it would have obviously turned out to be, the case was ruled a suicide and not homicide or any extreme theory rumored. And […]

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To Fund Their Greed

Despite several contradictions, the government is pushing through with its plan of a P330B stimulus package.  A plan meant to save businesses and to help the jobless weather the financial storm. Senator Francis Escudero has already expressed opposition to the plan. Saying that the government should instead use tax cuts and exemptions to save the […]

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Change Has Come to the World

After months of career defining victories against iconic rivals such as the wife of a former US President and a powerful ex-POW US Senator, Barack Obama finally delivered the final touch of his struggle to the White House with a dragon slaying victory over John McCain. In his acceptance speech Obama claims that the change […]

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Voice Unheard

After delivering a speech that supposedly described to the world the serious need for aid of the people in Mindanao, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s speech before the United Nations (UN) General Assembly was met with massive discontent and was even ignored by some delegates. Now, we have to think if whether they ignored the country or […]

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Legal Defense

After a US airstrike-gone-wrong kills 12 innocent civilians in a tribal village in the Afghan-Pakistani border, the Pakistanis wanted no more of American help in their territory. Leading them into shooting two US military choppers which were suppose to hunting for insurgents. America calls the attack “uncalled for”, but we have to analyze that what […]

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The Right Choices?

Barack Obama, a known “anti-war in Iraq” politician, chose a pro-war lawmaker, Joe Biden to be his running mate for the November general elections. And just yesterday Republican candidate John McCain announced that novice politician Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. A not-so-bad pick as Palin: 1) is pro-life 2) has no […]

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Finish the Job

Weeks of various assaults on communities sent the military retreating, but counter-attacks have sent the insurgents back running. Now that the military has the upper hand it should pursue its offensives on the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) until every member has been neutralized. Or in other words, finish the job. The death toll now […]

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License to Do Reckless Driving

Finally, the Land Transportation Office have done something with the crimes committed by vehicles bearing the number “8”. Plate numbers, that to the owner, means he or she is the king or queen of the road. A plate number that to traffic aides means they must ignore them and let them “off the hook”. But […]

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On Top of the World

An Olympic story that inspired so many, we look back at the story of Jamaican athlete Usain Bolt and his incredible streak in the Olympics. He went to Beijing as a silent competitor from Jamaica, very humble. He made no early remarks regarding his Olympic goals, but in the end he made it clear that […]

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Attack on the People

The latest U.S. Air Force offensive in Afghanistan left over seventy civilians and just about a dozen rebels dead. With the bigger percentage being civilians, is the U.S. really targeting the bad guys, or the innocent ones? A US Air Force operation in the western Afghan town of Azizabad has left over a dozen Taliban […]

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