Bergdahl is a Bad Bargain

A major Taliban figurehead declares victory. No, there were no hijacked planes crashing into towers nor was there a bomb that killed multiples Westerners. Instead, what former Taliban chief Mullah Omar brags triumphantly about is the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners freed by the United States government in exchange for the last American prisoner-of-war in Afghanistan […]

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Legal Defense

After a US airstrike-gone-wrong kills 12 innocent civilians in a tribal village in the Afghan-Pakistani border, the Pakistanis wanted no more of American help in their territory. Leading them into shooting two US military choppers which were suppose to hunting for insurgents. America calls the attack “uncalled for”, but we have to analyze that what […]

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Attack on the People

The latest U.S. Air Force offensive in Afghanistan left over seventy civilians and just about a dozen rebels dead. With the bigger percentage being civilians, is the U.S. really targeting the bad guys, or the innocent ones? A US Air Force operation in the western Afghan town of Azizabad has left over a dozen Taliban […]

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