Statistics Show That the War on Women is Bogus

Despite consistent low approval ratings, President Barack Hussein Obama won re-election for a second term in 2012. Different reasons were cited for that Obama victory: infighting within the Republican Party, Romney’s inability to convey a concise message, conservative principles being out of touch, etcetera. Many points were made as to how such an unpopular president could win a […]

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Bergdahl is a Bad Bargain

A major Taliban figurehead declares victory. No, there were no hijacked planes crashing into towers nor was there a bomb that killed multiples Westerners. Instead, what former Taliban chief Mullah Omar brags triumphantly about is the five Guantanamo Bay prisoners freed by the United States government in exchange for the last American prisoner-of-war in Afghanistan […]

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The Right Choices?

Barack Obama, a known “anti-war in Iraq” politician, chose a pro-war lawmaker, Joe Biden to be his running mate for the November general elections. And just yesterday Republican candidate John McCain announced that novice politician Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin to be his running mate. A not-so-bad pick as Palin: 1) is pro-life 2) has no […]

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