Why China?

Just this week, the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) regretfully announced the execution of a Filipina drug mule in China, two years after she was caught smuggling drugs to the country. The unnamed convict became the fifth Filipino to be executed for narcotics-related crimes in the mainland. The incident brought back memories of the three […]

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Nineteenth Best

Astonishing, spectacular, astounding — those three words would best describe the closing ceremony of the 2010 Asian Games. The first edition of the said formality to be done outdoors, along the Pearl River in Haixinsha Island to be exact. Illuminated by the glare of fireworks, thousands of participating athletes embraced and said goodbye to each other […]

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The Plague of Maoism

It has been over forty years since the New People’s Army (NPA) was formed. The group, the armed wing of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP), was organized to topple the Marcos regime, and has well served its’ purpose. Democracy had been restored. Marcos is long gone. But four decades had passed and the guerrilla group still lives and could recruit […]

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Ready to Stand Up and to Step Up

It has been years now since Iran revealed its ambition to nuclear power. And for the same duration as well the West has constantly been pressuring the Islamic country to surrender its goal, offering them different incentive packages. When the Iranians refused the offer, they used the so-called “hard way” and slapped different sanctions ranging […]

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The Olympics

Its Olympic season once again and the torch is making its way through different countries, but the Tibetans block the way. As China finishes the final touches of the preparations, clearing out all specs and malfunctions that may cause problems during the games, then in came the Tibetans and their international supporters. These people came […]

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