Save the Haitians

‘Unimaginable’ is how broadcasting networks describe the latest calamity to hit the impoverished state of Haiti. Unlike the famines and droughts that have troubled the Haitians in the past, today’s nightmare might stay with them for the rest of their lives. A killer earthquake has damaged houses and infrastructure in this third world nation. Sinking […]

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Looking back at where they Started

At the height of all the Manny Pacquaio controversery, I can’t help but to take advantage of its popularity to prove a point. Just like what everyone else said, after Pacquaio stopped Cotto in the 12th round of their historic fight the spotlight in the Philippines wasn’t on our new record-breaking, history-making, seven-title holding champion and […]

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Poll-Related Massacre

It isn’t even elections year, yet the hopefuls are hyping the elections enough to capture everyone’s attention. From their annoying campaign jingles to hearing their dubious (and sometimes ridiculous) platforms, these public-office aspirants make sure their names don’t even get forgotten with the candidates from Luzon being the most guilty ones. To them, popularity is key to success. Elsewhere however, in […]

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Political Football?

As the French progress to the World Cup Finals of 2010, one has to ponder if whether the former one-time tournament winners really deserved a spot in the biggest sports event in the world. After a controversial play-off win against a strong Republic of Ireland side the result is now highly contested. The person under the […]

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The Gonzalez Factor

The Department of Justice (DOJ) secretary successfully brings Mancao home, and has Dumlao on his way back home. That’s a double score for Raul Gonzalez. And definitely would give him plus points to the President. But the most unexpected happened, Gonzalez announces his resignation as justice secretary and plans to run for congress in his […]

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A Sympathy Act

Talk about making a big deal out of things. The National Bureau of Investigation have finally released the result of the investigation done on the now infamous Trina Etong Case. And as it would have obviously turned out to be, the case was ruled a suicide and not homicide or any extreme theory rumored. And […]

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Three people for an Island

How messed up can this be? First, terrorists see somekind of market value on Red Cross volunteers so they kidnap them. Second, a Red Cross head acts like a military general. Then more recently, the geniuses acting as negotiators thought it would be best to surrender an entire island, valued for its rich agricultural reserves, […]

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Trackless Trains

To solve the overcrowding problem in Light Railway Transit (LRT) coaches, the LRTA (LRT Authority) purchased $81M worth of trains. That’s 48 train wagons at $1.7M, a reasonable price. Now, the LRT which used to suffer serving 48,000 passengers a day can now accommodate 500,000 passengers with ease. Problem solved right? Well, not quite. Since […]

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To Fund Their Greed

Despite several contradictions, the government is pushing through with its plan of a P330B stimulus package.  A plan meant to save businesses and to help the jobless weather the financial storm. Senator Francis Escudero has already expressed opposition to the plan. Saying that the government should instead use tax cuts and exemptions to save the […]

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Will NEDA secretary Recto prioritize the AFP modernization program as promised?

Clearly our military modernization program has been neglected. Each year the government only allocates P5 billion for the program, not even enough to buy a squadron of second hand F-16 Fighting Falcons, the world’s top multirole fighter jet. Last year, President Arroyo declared the budget balance of the AFP to be at P 1.28 billion. […]

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