Steep Decline

The week that passed saw the world bidding goodbye to a memorable hero of humanity, Nelson Mandela. The man who was the figurehead in the struggle to end apartheid in Africa and taught his people to live in solidarity regardless of what ever racial difference there may be passed away surrounded by family at the […]

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Our Obsession of Sex Videos

It was not long ago when the nation was rocked by a much-publicized scandal between three prominent people: two very famous doctors and an actress at the peak of her career. The scandal was the leak of several sex tapes that involved the well-known cosmetologist Dr. Hayden Kho and the actress Katrina Halili. Allegedly, these […]

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Amidst concern that important bills may not be passed before Congress adjourns its session for the start of election period, lawmakers at the Senate managed to find time to waste yesterday. The issue of the C-5 road extension double-pricing sparked a debacle amongst the members of the Senate, when Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile allegedly […]

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