Zubiri v.s. Trillanes: Is It Really Wrong to Call Migz a “Cheat”?

Commotion erupted on the Senate floor last night as two prominent Senators got into a verbal stand-off that almost turned physical. Senators Juan Miguel “Migz” Zubiri and Antonio Trillanes IV got into an altercation over the Senate proceedings of the Bureau of Immigration (BI) bribery scandal. The case was supposed to be investigated by a […]

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Decoding Mike Arroyo

They  say that ‘behind every successful woman is a meek little man’. During the era of the Arroyo presidency that seemed to be the case; as her wife Gloria Arroyo swooped to power and was continuously ranked among the most powerful women in the world, Mike appeared to be the modest husband who kept himself […]

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The Dog in the Manger

One of my favorite Aesop’s fables growing up was the anecdote of the dog in the manger. It was not only the curious caricature on the cover page that made it memorable for me, but the underlying moral lesson of the story in general. Imagine a mongrel enclosed in a holding pen, unable to roam […]

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Voice Unheard

After delivering a speech that supposedly described to the world the serious need for aid of the people in Mindanao, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s speech before the United Nations (UN) General Assembly was met with massive discontent and was even ignored by some delegates. Now, we have to think if whether they ignored the country or […]

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