Where is Fredison Atienza?

With news about an impending war in the Korean peninsula, earthquakes in Metro Manila and terrorists in Bohol – it’s easy to be forget about events that occurred much earlier. One such event that has seemingly been forgotten by the Filipino public is the incident of road rage in Quezon City two months ago.

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Arrest Fredison Atienza

Anthony Mendoza was on his way home on his motorcycle, his older brother in tow, when he was nearly hit by an SUV driving recklessly. Yelling at its’ driver, Mendoza cautioned the offending party to be more careful. The incident enraged the driver of the SUV, Fredison Atienza, who then exited his vehicle to shoot Mendoza in […]

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Duterte Indebted to the Elite

President Duterte’s surprising victory in the 2016 polls was widely seen as a backlash of the working class against the political elite, but according to his interview with CNN Philippines that may not be the case. The president revealed that for his victory, he is indebted to 3-4 individuals who are members of powerful political scions […]

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