A World Without Filipinos

I found this article being shared by one of my friends on Facebook. When I first saw the title I thought it was going to be a sarcastic, racist satire on Filipinos. After I read the whole thing I realized that it wasn’t, in fact, it turned out to be something that Filipinos could be […]

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Nineteenth Best

Astonishing, spectacular, astounding — those three words would best describe the closing ceremony of the 2010 Asian Games. The first edition of the said formality to be done outdoors, along the Pearl River in Haixinsha Island to be exact. Illuminated by the glare of fireworks, thousands of participating athletes embraced and said goodbye to each other […]

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When Old Foes Meet Anew

It has been over 60 years since Koreans were killing each other in the Korean War. A conflict between a socialist state backed by the Soviet and the Chinese and a capitalist republic aided by Americans and other Allied forces. It was one of the fighting arenas of the Cold War era, where Socialists met […]

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Disgruntled Justice-Seekers

The tragic hostage-taking of Chinese tourists in Manila is now in focus around the world. The devastation was done not only to the eight Chinese tourists who were killed, but to our country’s reputation as well. The Chinese people, notably their government, were quick to condemn the way the situation was being dealt with. Folding […]

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Preparing for War

It was reported this week that hundreds of fighters of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) have undergone combat training in the rough terrains of the Lanao del Sur province. The reports came after news surfaced that the Aquino government and the 11,000 strong MILF were willing to resume peace talks. The talks are of course, aimed at the dearming of […]

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Clog the Drain

Last week the Philippines’ flagship carrier, Philippine Airlines (PAL) had to ground some of its flights. Engine troubles? Weather disturbances? Not quite. The problem identified was pilot shortage. Twenty-five Airbus A320 pilots resigned last July 31, citing reasons such as the low salaries and little benefits they get from PAL. In addition to this, a lot of high-paying jobs await for them […]

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The Real State of the Nation

Newly-sworn in President Noynoy Aquino delivered his first State of the Nation Address three days ago. In a speech the entire nation, as well as a number of overseas Filipinos looked forward to, Noynoy revealed anomalies that happened during the reign of his predecessor. A saga of extravagance and funds mismanagement, he explained how our […]

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Waving our own Flag

As the most recent edition of the FIFA World Cup came to an end a few days ago, emotions varied among the few Filipinos who followed each game closely. They were either ecstatic if they were fans of La Furia Roja (Spain), as the team had lifted their first ever World Cup trophy. Then the […]

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The Plight of the All Whites

Bahrain concedes a corner…Kiwi strikers and midfielders position themselves in the enemy box as Bahraini defenders try and block them…Bertos crosses the ball in, Rory Fallon jumps…and scores!!! The above narration tells the story of New Zealand’s historic qualifying play-off win over Bahrain in their own home ground. The All Whites, as they are fondly […]

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Into the Darkness

Everyone thought the power problems of the Aquino era were a dim memory of the past, until they reoccured recently. As our country cripples with the minuscule power investments we have, the rotating blackouts of the 1990s have returned. Threatening vital investments that the impoverished region of Mindanao desperately needs. The first occurrence happened during […]

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