Amidst concern that important bills may not be passed before Congress adjourns its session for the start of election period, lawmakers at the Senate managed to find time to waste yesterday. The issue of the C-5 road extension double-pricing sparked a debacle amongst the members of the Senate, when Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile allegedly […]

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Sham Democracy

The Filipino people would always remember Cory Aquino’s rise to the presidency in 1986 was the start of a new era. A new era of peace, justice and the democracy that had been deprived from them for over twenty years. Everyone got excited when Aquino became president, thinking that it was finally the Filipinos’ time. […]

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The Chinese Diplomatic Civil War

As Haiti was devasted by the magnitude 7 earthquake – both casualty and economy – developed countries and the world’s superpowers all came in to its aid in rescue. But two of these donors, China and Taiwan, are after something else besides just relief. They’re after diplomatic ties. Ever since the split-up of 1949, the […]

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