The Cool Kids

We’re all used to those cliche teen-centric films where the plot usually revolves around two groups of people: the cool kids and everyone else.

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Into the Darkness

Everyone thought the power problems of the Aquino era were a dim memory of the past, until they reoccured recently. As our country cripples with the minuscule power investments we have, the rotating blackouts of the 1990s have returned. Threatening vital investments that the impoverished region of Mindanao desperately needs. The first occurrence happened during […]

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Arrogant Manila

It’s been seven years now since Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, the President of the Philippines, has been seated in power. And its been that long that she’s taking rants and being bashed by her critics. I’m not much of a fan of Mrs. Arroyo, but I’d rather have her stay seated in power until 2010. Actually, most […]

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