Voice Unheard

After delivering a speech that supposedly described to the world the serious need for aid of the people in Mindanao, President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo’s speech before the United Nations (UN) General Assembly was met with massive discontent and was even ignored by some delegates. Now, we have to think if whether they ignored the country or […]

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Legal Defense

After a US airstrike-gone-wrong kills 12 innocent civilians in a tribal village in the Afghan-Pakistani border, the Pakistanis wanted no more of American help in their territory. Leading them into shooting two US military choppers which were suppose to hunting for insurgents. America calls the attack “uncalled for”, but we have to analyze that what […]

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Cause of the Cost

Recently, the prices of our prime commodities have gone up. First the price of petroleum and then the price of rice and wheat, and now corn and maize are running short as well. Various individuals have released different and similar explaination as to why this is happening. In the Philippines, people (politicians and “experts”) are […]

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