Seeing Through the Binay’s Political Rhetorics

After an attempt by law enforcers to forcibly remove him failed, beleaguered Makati City mayor Junjun Binay voluntarily left his city hall amidst criticism over what had transpired a week earlier. Earlier this week, the Office of the Ombudsman suspended the mayor – for the second time this year – over his involvement in an […]

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The American author Rita Mae Brown likened insanity to ‘doing the same thing over and over expecting different results’ and she could not have articulated her point better. Indeed it is insane to expect a different result out of a habit we constantly do, but consistently fail us. And if this  is indeed how insanity is diagnosed, then […]

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Steep Decline

The week that passed saw the world bidding goodbye to a memorable hero of humanity, Nelson Mandela. The man who was the figurehead in the struggle to end apartheid in Africa and taught his people to live in solidarity regardless of what ever racial difference there may be passed away surrounded by family at the […]

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When a foreign journalist does more to help typhoon victims than their own president, you know something is wrong. In a third world country, a calamity the scale of Typhoon Haiyan would have devastating results – and it did. The scenes in the cities hardest hit by the typhoon were so moving that in less […]

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