The Real Christianity

The famed Catholic mathematician Blaise Pascal once said: “Men never do evil so completely and cheerfully as when they do it from a religious conviction.” While many of us who are religious may frown at this remark, we have to admit it is not a baseless comment.

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Bring Back the Girls

This Sunday most of the world celebrates Mother’s Day, a solitary day of the year when we are actually required to show appreciation to our mothers and thank them for everything they have done for us. For some, it is also a day of women’s empowerment – to acknowledge the housewives who are the bedrocks […]

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Examining Brunei’s Morals

Amnesty International describes it as a “return to the dark ages”. The Sultan of Brunei has announced the commencement of a highly controversial sharia penal code for his tiny state this month, amid international outrage. The new law criminalizes acts such as sodomy and out-of-wedlock pregnancies and introduces stiff new penalties which include flogging, severing of […]

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Losing the Culture Wars

It was on a gloomy Christmas morning in 1814 when the English-born Anglican cleric, Samuel Marsden, officiated the first Christian service in the newly-discovered lands of New Zealand. Prior to this celebration, there had never been any Christian commemoration done on our soils.

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A Vain Society

Never before in history has vanity become a big focus in our society than in this current generation. This time that we live in is the generation of selfies, a camera shot where the sole subject matter is the person taking it. This is the generation of reality television, where individuals allow millions of people to […]

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Forty-Five Years of Terrorism

At high noon on Saturday, March 29 the commanders and foot-soldiers of the New People’s Army along with leaders of their umbrella organization, the Communist Party of the Philippines will gather to celebrate 45 years since the establishment of their armed struggle. According to a party statement in their website, the event will include flag-raising […]

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Respect Tubbataha

Few men in our world’s history have been as revered as Theodore Roosevelt, former president of the United States. The man known for his range of interests and love for nature had left this inspiring quote on preserving our national heritage: “Here is your country. Cherish these natural wonders, cherish the natural resources, cherish the history […]

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Siding with the Enemy

Almost five years ago we witnessed the most heinous crime in our country’s modern history. Fifty-eight people: supporters, family members and accompanying journalists of an election candidate, were slain in broad daylight by armed men loyal to the incumbent mayor.

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Leftist Double Standards

It is always said that the Winter Olympics is a mere supporting act for the actual main event – it’s Summer version. The ratings would agree, and up until this year the media buzz supported that notion too. The winter games have never been given the same fanfare as the summer one. But this year […]

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The Cool Kids

We’re all used to those cliche teen-centric films where the plot usually revolves around two groups of people: the cool kids and everyone else.

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