A Lesson from the Superpower

While most people are either mourning the deaths of the recent earthquake in the Philippines, or being anxious for the unveiling of the new iPad in a week’s time, they become oblivious that the most rational emotion to feel right now is to worry. Why worry? October 17 is a date that looms, while that […]

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Modernizing the Philippines

The Philippines has traditionally been a nation based on agriculture. It comes as no surprise that when Philippine exports are being discussed, the most familiar examples you would hear are pineapple, banana or coconut. A more complimentary response would be tourism, citing the dozens of world-class beach resorts in the country. While an example Filipinos […]

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Decoding Mike Arroyo

They ┬ásay that ‘behind every successful woman is a meek little man’. During the era of the Arroyo presidency that seemed to be the case; as her wife Gloria Arroyo swooped to power and was continuously ranked among the most powerful women in the world, Mike appeared to be the modest husband who kept himself […]

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The Shutdown and What Looms Ahead

The world’s largest economy and most viable superpower is paralyzed, and the ongoing political bickering and partisan clamor are not helping. For the first time since 1995, the US government has failed to pass a spending budget. Effectively, federal workers are unable to be paid therefore services ran by the Federal government – save the […]

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Need for Weed

Twenty years ago, narcotics were a taboo. Some would argue that it still is now, but evaluating the attitude people have on them today compared to the ’90s it can be said that the public have taken a liberal shift in their perception of these drugs. Of course US Schedule I drugs such as heroin […]

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Our Obsession of Sex Videos

It was not long ago when the nation was rocked by a much-publicized scandal between three prominent people: two very famous doctors and an actress at the peak of her career. The scandal was the leak of several sex tapes that involved the well-known cosmetologist Dr. Hayden Kho and the actress Katrina Halili. Allegedly, these […]

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The Dog in the Manger

One of my favorite Aesop’s fables growing up was the anecdote of the dog in the manger. It was not only the curious caricature on the cover page that made it memorable for me, but the underlying moral lesson of the story in general. Imagine a mongrel enclosed in a holding pen, unable to roam […]

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Peace for Good or Peace for Now?

Entering it’s eleventh day, the siege of Zamboanga is finally showing signs of its’ end after Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) secretary Mar Roxas proclaimed that only 50 of Nur Misuari’s crusaders remain in the city scattered in two different barangays. The news was widely-welcomed, and was anticipated by the Zamboanga business owners […]

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“We aim to be successful in establishing a Bangsamoro state; not an autonomous region but an independent Mindanao will be the Bangsamoro state.” Those were the chilling words of an MNLF commander during an interview with a news reporter in Zamboanga City. Once the leader proclaimed the group’s intentions, the throngs of supporters he had […]

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Life Without Pork

When agents of the National Bureau of Investigation rescued an abducted man inside a posh condominium in Taguig they must have thought they were facing a crime syndicate or a business deal gone wrong. They had no idea they were going to expose a network of corruption the media would dub ‘the mother of all […]

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